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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Master Instructor


-Stott Pilates(Post Modern) and Classic pilates Fully Certified 

-Over 13 Years Experiences as a pilates instructor

-over 10 years athletic career (100M sprinter, soccer player)

-sung shin women university Master degree in Sports Rehabilitation 

-Graduate professional  teaching assistant(TA) of Sports University in Korea

-member of korean society of sports psychology(kssp)

-Sung shin Women university Bachelor's degree in Sports

-certified yoga instructor and teaching experiences middle school(kids) and university. 

-Post-natal, Pre-natal Pilates Certified instructor(Stott)

-certified kids pilates & yoga instructor

-Rehab Sports Massage and Sports Taping Certified

-Stott Pilates New York Symposium completed

-Speaking Korean/English


certified Instructor

YJ (Yeon Ji)

- Expert of Movement and Body Shaping

- Over 4 years experience of Pilates

- Based on Ballet (Over 18 years)

- Full Certified Instructor

-Pre-natal & Post-natal pilates Certified

- Stott Pilates New York Symposium completed

-Stott Pilates Athletic conditioning 

-stott pilates zenga and group chair 

- sook-myung women's university Bachelor's degree in Ballet

- New York City Ballet Career

- Toronto International Ballet Career

- Speaking Korean/English

Experience Variety movement and improve your body shape with Instructor YJ!

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certified Instructor


- Expert of Rehabilitation and body correction

- over 5 years experience of pilates instructor

-national pilates certified instructor(npcp)

-Korea institute of pilates instructor(kicpi)

- health science association yoga instructor

- yong-in university Bachelor's degree in dance

- scoliosis pilates Certified 

- certified instructor of cervical disc

- certified instructor of body correction(bow leg, knock knee, pelvis)

- completed medical anatomy

- certified rehabilitation specialist of preventive medical training school 

- certified body posture expert of h7 body balance


- Speaking Korean and English

experience amazing body correction effect and therapeutic benefits of pilates with instructor lily! 


certified Instructor


- Expert of rehabilitation and body shaping

- over 5 years experience of pilates instructor

-basi pilates full certified instructor(united state)

-pma(pilates method alliance) certified instructor(international)

-RTS(Rehabilitation training specialist) level 1 certified

-avalon system pilates certified instructor

-schroth certified(scoliosis pilates) 

-pre-natal & post-natal pilates certified (basi)

-someco, basi, iipa master anatomy course completed

-fesa korea body analysis completed

-fesa korea pelvic alignment exercise specialist course completed

-trigger point myofascial release therapy certified

-speaking Korean/english

experience magical rehabilitation and body-shaping pilates with fast and satisfying result. highly recommend instructor yoon!


certified Instructor


- Expert of rehabilitation and body shaping

- over 4 years experience of pilates instructor

-Modern pilates international instructor

-stott pilates prenatal certified

-stott pilates postnatal certified

-stott pilates optimization of the shoulder complex certified

-stott pilates athletic conditioning on the reformer level4 certified 

-a teacher license as practical Education from ministry of culture and sports

-rehabilitation of back pain certified

-body alignment & corrective exercise certified

-body posture correction specialist certified

-strategy for somatotype & sports injury certified

-scoliosis management using pilates certified


-schroth methodology certified


certified Instructor


- Expert of movement and body shaping

- over 4 years experience of pilates instructor

-basi pilates full certified

-basi pilates tera-bend workshop completed

-basi pilates spine corrector workshop completed

-booty barre instructor

-booty barre slider one

-booty barre power of the ball

-contemporary dance at kang-won university

-completion of body conditioning in dance department

-aha dance theater affiliation

-experience in contemporary dance and ballet fit classes

-senior classes for national prevention programs


-schroth method pilates for scoliosis

-prenatal & postnatal pilates certified


certified Instructor


- Stott Pilates Full Certified Instructor(High scored)

- Training as a Stott Pilates head office IT(Instructor trainer)

- Graduate of the Golf and Club Management program at Fanshawe College.

- Trained and played golf in Gold Coast, Australia for over 2 years.

- Golf and Club Management, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario 

- Golf Swing Analysis, Golf and Recreation in Canada

- Math for Hospitality.

- Health and Safety Certificate, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario.
The Rules of Golf Certificate (The R&A), Fanshawe College, London, Ontario.

- History of the PGA of Canada Completion, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario.

-Community Golf Coaching Certificate from the PGA of Canada, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario.

- TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Certificate, Oceanside, California


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